Monday, May 24, 2010

Construction at Conway Home Completed

After the consturction the Conway's home backyard has become a paradise for adults and kids to enjoy.

Just one of many seating areas covered by the pergola which will have a shade clothe and vine on it later.

The way from the top patio over the train exhibit to the lower patio includes this wooden bridge up off the ground over a foot to allow the train to pass.

View of the train exhibit area in the proccess of being built. In the picture are some of the model size accesories like the tunnel for the train.

Another view of the train area and the wooden bridge which connects the upper level to the lower which will have the train go under it.

Walkway and and stone steps to the wooden bridge. This is on the backside of the plant bed and the stone seating area.

The stone seat on the lower level which will have a shade tree grow behind and provide a great spot to view the train. This slab of rock weighed about 350 lbs. and was not easy to put in place.

The staggered flagstone walkway along the side of the house is bordered by jasmine which once filled in will set off the walkway even more.