Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Morning in Winter Park Garden

Even though there's not much in bloom in the garden right now, I still found a few flowers and a couple neoregelias to photograph. And the gardeners at the end of the street in Mead Gardens are taking advantage of the fall planting season to work in their plots. A part of our mission at Laurence E Fosgate is to capture the ever changing world of landscapes and garde
ns as they move through our central Florida seasons. What a pleasure to share them with people all over the world. And the mere act of capturing these images for others does so much to help me see them better for myself. When I have taught art I always felt guilty that I thought I learned at least as much from showing others as rhey did from me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Paver Installations We Have Done Last A Long Time

Landscapes Orlando Florida and our company, Laurence E Fosgate, have done paver installation over the last twenty plus years that have stood the test of time. Going back to our first installation at theWinter Park firm of Fannie Hillman and Associates where we installed a brick patio that still stands, we have honed our skills as hardscape installers. Last week we went out to photograph some of those projects to put in our ads and were really heartened to see how well they had endured. A formed and poured concrete driveway with black lava rocks we did for Pete and Sandy Goldish, still looks great at their Bryan Avenue home. Not only did we do the driveway, but every single plant on their property was installed by us as well. In addition we did a water feature and walled terrace, as well as a tiered raised planter bed we affectionately called "The Wedding Cake," which is the focal point in the island created by their semi-circular driveway. Other projects were around the corner where we did everything for Eric Larsen. Not only did we order a cupola for the top of his house, to reinforce its eighteenth century architectural inspiration, but we did cut outs for brick in his driveway and stained the concrete. We also did all the landscaping, ornamental stucco clad gate posts, significant travertine wall fountain and a variety of other exterior elements. We ultimately did major interior design work as well, which we will showcase in a future entry. Around the corner from these homes we did work on Rita Bornsteni's former house (
she is a past president of Rollins College) on Lake Bryan. In addition to a wall fountain in the courtyard, we constructed two large pedestals for wrought iron planters at the entry. We did significant landscaping for this home as well.
The terrace in front of Goldish Residence
The Goldish Concrete and Black Lava Rock Driveway