Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home of Sharon Smith in Winter Park

The home of Sharon Smith has been featured in Orlando Magazine and is truly a unique place.
This is one of the two paintings of mine she has displayed in her home.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Winter Pines Home's Landscape Rennovation a Success

This is a cool corner lot set at Donraven and Summerfield in Winter Pines.

Because of the size of their front yard we opted to use a roto-tiller on the existing sod and having the new material delievered and placed for easier installations.

After the couple and their infant baby moved into their new home they quickly completed the interior rennovations to their expectations but the landscaping still hadn't been touched.

Originally planned were 3-4 foxtail palms for height elements to break up the plain linear line of their home. In the installation however we went with 2 magnolias, a ligustrum, and eugenias to complete that goal to correspond with our clients plant taste.

This bed was added on the side of the driveway and continued the layout of the other beds, using golmounds. lorepetelums, and jasmine.

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