Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Laurence E Fosgate Begins Designs for New Vero Beach Garden

Today we will go to Vero Beach to make a series of drawings and photographs for a garden across the street from the waterfront home of Willy, Emily and Glenn Tremml. They recently purchased the half acre lot for the purpose of turning it into an elaborately landscaped garden.  We're just beginning the design process, but one of my ideas is to construct a ruin- perhaps Maya inspired with shades of Machu Pichu and Angor Wat.  We'll see what comes of that over time. This will give our readers a chance to experience how a really grand project evolves through the interaction of clients and how  the progression of projects themselves begin to define the process. There is so much that goes into the something like this.  I feel confident it will be spectacular.  Our first project in Maitland was featured in Great Gardens by the Orlando Sentinel. 

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