Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vero Beach Landscape by the Laurence E Fosgate Company

This is a home we first worked on in 2005. Notice how the Bismarckia, which were put in five years ago have stayed in scale.  This house has it all.  The owner's previous house in Orlando was all done by us and was featured on two full pages of the Orlando Sentinel titled "The Best Medicine" ( a reference to the husband's role as an ER physician).  We first worked on that house when the wife was pregnant with their son.  He is now sixteen and has grown up living a life in which gardens and outdoor living have played a central role.  More pictures to follow- this is one incredible property sitting on an acre along one of the deepest sections of the Indian River Lagoon.  I remember years ago when we first started working on the house having the sound of breaching dolphins keeping me awake as I attempted to sleep in the sun room.  This place literally teams with life.  Emily tells me that in addition to all kinds of birds and sea-life they have wild turkeys and bobcats. Still it's only a few blocks to the art museum, theaters and chic shops and glamorous restaurants.  The best of all worlds- living the Garden Monkey Florida lifestyle.

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